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General Inspection

Start From
AED 100
  • 1 x Mechanical Check

  • 1 x Electrical Inspection

  • 1 x Computer Diagnose

  • 1 x Engine Inspection

  • 1 x Tyre Inspection

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Suspension Service

Start From
AED 200
  • 1 x Suspension Checkup

  • 1 x Suspension Repair

  • 1 x Shock-Sturt Repair

  • 1 x Wheel Alignment

  • 1 x Wheel Balancing

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Tires Repair Services

Start from
AED 250
  • 1 x Tires Repair

  • 1 x Tires Replacement

  • 1 x Tires Rotation

  • 1 x Rims Repair

  • 1 x Align & Balance

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Oil & Filter Services

Start from
AED 100
  • 1 x Engine Oil Change

  • 1 x Gear Oil Change

  • 1 x Oil Filters Change

  • 1 x Air Filter Change

  • 1 x Multi-Point Inspection

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Why Choose Us

"Speed Wheels UAE – We Go An Extra Mile"

At Speed Wheels UAE, we pride ourselves on being Dubai's premier destination for complete end-to-end top-notch car repair and auto garage services.

With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, our state-of-the-art facility and skilled technicians provide top-notch vehicle maintenance, diagnostics, and repair solutions for all vehicle makes and models.

Whether you're in need of routine maintenance, intricate engine work, or performance upgrades, Speed Wheels UAE delivers reliable and efficient service to keep your vehicle running at its best.

We offer multiple auto garage services under one roof.

Our experienced and skilled team provides quality services.

We believe in winning customer loyalty through quality services.

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How We Work

Speed Wheels UAE takes care of its customers at all stages.
SpeedWheelsUae Step1 Car Diagnostic Service
Vehicle Diagnostics

At the beginning, our technicians perform diagnostic inspection of vehicle to identify the needed services.

SpeedWheelsUae Step 3 Car Repair Services
Vehicle Repair

Our technicians complete the car repair and maintenance tasks as per the requirements.


Our Service Offerings

All Car Repair and Maintenance Solutions Under One Roof
General Car Inspection

We offer complete inspection of car for electrical and mechanical repair.

Car Engine Repair Services

Compelete range of engine related check-ups and repair services.

Auto Exhaust System Repair

We provide complete range of services for vehicle exhaust system.

Main Service Image of Speed Wheels UAE
Specialized Car Modification Services

We offer complete range of car modification, customization and beautification according to customer needs.

Car Suspension Repair

Offer all kinds of car suspension and steering repairing services.

Full Mechanical Repair

Offering complete mechanical repair services for all kinds of cars.

Air Conditioning Repair

Complete range of repair and maintenace services for car air conditioning and heating systems.

Services and Car Models

All Car Brands Welcome

At Speed Wheels UAE, we provide auto repair services for all brands and models in UAE.

Experience unparalleled Mercedes car repair services in Dubai, featuring expert diagnostics and genuine parts to ensure your luxury vehicle performs at its best.

Choose our top-rated Toyota car repair services in Dubai for comprehensive care and precision repairs, ensuring your Toyota’s reliability and longevity.

Our Nissan car repair services in Dubai provide reliable and efficient solutions, from routine maintenance to advanced engine repairs, keeping your Nissan running smoothly.

Benefit from our specialized Hyundai car repair services in Dubai, offering expert maintenance and repair solutions to keep your Hyundai in peak condition.

Our Kia car repair services in Dubai deliver quality maintenance and repairs, ensuring optimal performance and durability for your Kia vehicle.

Trust our experienced team for Chevrolet car repair services in Dubai, providing thorough diagnostics and expert repairs to maintain your Chevrolet’s performance.

Our Land Rover car repair services in Dubai specialize in handling the unique needs of these rugged vehicles, ensuring top performance on and off the road.

Get premium Audi car repair services in Dubai, offering cutting-edge diagnostics and expert repairs to keep your Audi performing at its best.

Rely on our Porsche car repair services in Dubai for meticulous care and precision repairs, ensuring your Porsche’s high-performance standards are always met.

Our BMW car repair services in Dubai provide expert diagnostics and quality repairs, ensuring your BMW delivers the ultimate driving experience.

We offer comprehensive all brands car repair services in Dubai, providing expert care and repair solutions for any make and model, ensuring your vehicle’s optimal performance.

Full Auto Garage Services

At Speed Wheels UAE, we provide complete range of auto garage and repair services.

Ensure your vehicle's optimal performance with our general car inspection services, designed to detect potential issues before they become costly repairs.

Trust our expert engine repair services to keep your vehicle running smoothly, offering precise diagnostics and top-quality repairs for all makes and models.

Our specialized transmission repair services provide accurate diagnostics and efficient solutions, ensuring seamless gear shifts and extended transmission life.

Experience superior handling and ride comfort with our professional suspension and steering services, tailored to maintain your vehicle’s stability and performance.

Optimize your vehicle's efficiency and reduce emissions with our expert exhaust system repair services, ensuring a quieter and more environmentally-friendly ride.

From battery replacements to complex wiring issues, our electrical repair services guarantee reliable solutions to keep your vehicle's electrical system in top condition.

Stay comfortable in all seasons with our air conditioning and heating services, providing expert maintenance and repairs for a perfect climate inside your car.

Restore your vehicle's appearance with our premium body and paint services, delivering flawless finishes and expert collision repairs that make your car look brand new.

Transform your vehicle with our specialized custom modification services, offering performance upgrades and personalized enhancements to match your unique style and needs.

Make informed buying decisions with our thorough pre-purchase inspection services, providing detailed assessments to ensure the quality and reliability of your next vehicle.

Whether you need routine maintenance, complex engine repairs, or custom performance upgrades, our comprehensive services ensure your vehicle receives the best possible attention.

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We Go An Extra Mile To Make Our Cutomer Happy.
Right Side Section: Our Team
Right Side Section: Our Team

Our People At Center

Speed Wheels UAE is proud to have team of expert technician, who are highly expert, customer centric and providing dedicated and tailored services to customers according to their needs. Our people possess certain characteristics:

  • Blend of diverse and mutlicultral team
  • Highly customer centric and goal oriented
  • Cultivating diversity and multi-culturality
  • Striving for achieving customer satisfaction
  • Readily available for individual needs

To know abour our people and cultural at workplace, please visit our team page.

Our Team
Left Side Section: Services
Left Side Section: Services

Our Service Portfolio

At Speed Wheels UAE, we always strive to provide all kinds of inspection, repair and maintenance services at one place. However, the we also go ahead an extra miles to provide our customer services which are reliable, robuts and trusted.

  • Complete auto garage services under one roof
  • Providing All kinds of repair and maintenance services
  • Offer services for both electric and combustion engine
  • We serve all car brands and all car models

To read more about our range of services, we welcome you to visit our service portfolio.

Our Services
Right Side Section: Appointment
Right Side Section: Appointment

Our Customer Benefits

At Speed Wheels UAE, we are always looking for long-term relationship with our valuable customers. Our range of customer benefits are not limited to just fixing their cars but also providing an valuable experience.

  • Highly affordable prices for reliable and durable services
  • Discount vouchers for returning customers
  • 24/7 availability of our customer services staff
  • Real-time available appointment booking slots
  • Promotional discounts for our dedicated segments
  • Complementary services for our valued customers
  • Providing additional services on demand

To know more about how we are providing customer benefits, we welcome you to visit our page.

Our Benefits
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Speed Wheels UAE welcomes its valued customers to reach us for their needs of all kinds.

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